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Bracelet Styles

Bracelet Styles

Brace yourself! These are the must-have bracelet styles you definitely need. From beads and charms to cuffs and bangles, get ready for the ultimate arm candy.

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Bring on the bangles. This style has a circular shape and is inflexible. Bangles are usually made of gold or other types of metals, and can come in simple or engraved designs. Make an elegant statement with diamond or gemstone-embellished bangles, or stack a bunch of different tones for a fun look.

Sunflower Photo Projection Bangle Bracelet

Bold beauties. Beaded bracelets feature precious gemstones in a wide range of colors. You’ll find stretch bracelets, as well as expandable bangle pieces in single or multi-row designs. Also look for ones with a silver or stainless steel clasp 

Heart Photo Locket Bead Bracelet

Start a chain reaction! Chain bracelets or link bracelets are made by connecting links together into a band and typically has a clasp closure. This style is usually made of a type of metal, like gold or sterling silver, and can be worn as a plain chain or with charms. 

Opal Tulip Flower Bracelet

This one’s a charmer! This type of bracelet has little trinkets or charms hanging from a chain or link. Look for styles you can customize and find the perfect pieces to show off your personality!

Bolder is better! Cuff bracelets are a type of bangle bracelet and have an inflexible circular or oval shape. They tend to fit a little looser on the wrist, are usually wider and chunkier, and don’t have a clasp or closure.

It’s all in the wrist. Slider bracelets have an adjustable closure that can be changed to fit any wrist size. Just like the size, the designs are unlimited, too! Mix, match, layer or stack slider bracelets featuring beads, charms, gemstones, links, multilayered cords and much more.

Serving up timeless elegance. A tennis bracelet is known for its signature straight inline chain with individually set stones. It got its name after a tennis match when a bracelet of this style broke. While they’re usually made with diamonds, tennis bracelets can feature other types of gems, too.

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