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The Perimade Experience

An image of an envelope-shaped icon with a heart in the center. The icon appears to be embossed on a plain white background, with the envelope's flap folded over to reveal the heart. The heart is a deep shade of red and has a glossy finish that contrasts with the matte surface of the envelope. The logo suggests a message of love or affection, perhaps indicating that the company associated with it is focused on delivering heartfelt communications.

Free Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping and returns on all non-customized orders.

An image of a clock and a phone icon overlaid on top of each other. The clock icon appears to be a standard analog clock face, with black hour and minute hands pointing to the current time. The phone icon is a simple silhouette of a smartphone, with a rectangular shape and a small circle on the upper right corner representing the camera lens. The combination of these two icons suggests a messaging or communication app that enables users to schedule meetings or appointments through their mobile devices.

24/7 At Your Service

Our outstanding customer service experts are always here to help.

The Iconic Gift Box

Your Perimade purchase comes wrapped in our gift box packaging.

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